Profitable Ramen pays you.
A prize with every pack,
just add Twitter.

VC winter is coming. This fall, warm up with a Special cup of Spacecadet’s freeze-dried space ramen that fills up both your belly, and your bank.


W I N   1  O F  2 0 0   P R I Z E S : 

1/200    Brand Strategy by Spacecadet        ✦
1/200    Deck Design by Spacecadet           ✦
1/200    A 1:1 With Hunter Walk              ✦
1/200    A 1:1 With Ryan Hoover              ✦
1/200    A 1:1 With Turner Novak             ✦
1/200    A 1:1 With Ben Ling                 ✦
2/200    A Magic Mushroom Made of Gold       ✦
2/200    One share of $TWTR                  ✦
2/200    Gold Mission To Mars Proof Coin     ✦
2/200    Levels CGM Kit + Annual Membership  ✦           
4/200    Pitch Spacecadet for $100K Funding  ✦
4/200    $100 Cash via Venmo                 ✦
4/200    $250 Gift Card to Wander            ✦          
20/200   $100 Deposit into a Capital Account ✦
150/200  69 $DOGECOIN                        ✦



Where Do I Get My Ramen?
Follow @Spacecadet and Like and Retweet this Tweet for updates on where @WizLikeWizard will be at NYC Tech Week. Attend the events and look for the guy with silver glasses and silver space duffel. Then hit him up for your very own Profitable Ramen!

How Do I Win?
Every Profitable Ramen is a winner, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Once you get your ramen, tweet a photo of it (”Having ramen with @Spacecadet #NYCTechWeek”). Our sophisticated AI will analyze your serial # and reveal your prize.

What If I’m Not @ NYC Tech Week?
Everybody’s gotta eat. So don’t worry if you can’t grab yours in-person, just retweet this for a (less likely) chance to win.

How Long Does The Contest Last?

Even though the ramen itself is nearly
unperishable, this contest has a best-before date. Make sure to tweet your ramen @Spacecadet before 11:59pm EST on October 16th to enter.

How Do I Know What I’ve Won?
Tweet a pic of your Profitable Ramen @Spacecadet and we’ll let you know what you’ve won!

Can I Eat It?
While it is edible, we suggest your enjoy your Profitable Ramen more like you would a souvenir, and less like you would a meal.

What is Spacecadet?
We’re the Marketing VC. We invest in founders building a Better Future. We also eat a lot of ramen.

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